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In April Vidia Negrea, director of Community Service Foundation CSF Hungary, provided an introductory training in facilitating restorative conferences for four different youth group homes in Budapest.

This is just the latest development in her work spreading restorative practices in Hungary, which also includes major efforts in schools and prisons.

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Psychologist Negrea came to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, in to learn about restorative practices and has never looked back. See: www. Her recent anti aging bustleton ave philly has been supported by the Ministry of Justice Hungary and the city of Budapest, including a project to reduce aggressive behavior in children and youth, which is bringing restorative practices to six big-city high schools.

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The success of the practices in the wake of one particular incident changed their minds. A group of students who had previously gone to different lower schools and now attended the same high school were traveling together on the Metro subway to vocational school, when one of them came up with a hazing dare: Everyone had to push someone in front of an oncoming train and then pull them out of the way at the last minute.

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Although no one was hurt, a security guard saw this activity and was very alarmed. Instead of calling the police or the media the latter of which is very common, said Negreahe called their school principal.

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The principal asked the head teacher to figure out what had happened. No one would admit responsibility.

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Finally a children and youth worker contacted Negrea. When Negrea visited the high school the boys attend, it seemed to her to be in bad shape. Dissatisfaction permeated the entire school community.

Student misbehavior was very common. The teachers barely knew each other and provided no mutual support; instead they just complained about the students and the administration. Negrea was given four weeks, one and a half hours per week, to help address the problem.

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Instead of tackling the hazing incident directly, she decided first to build a sense of community among staff members and between staff and students. She started with games and feedback exercises.

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By the third week the students were really involved in the process and had begun putting their chairs into a circle in preparation for the activities themselves. One skeptical teacher anti aging bustleton ave philly outside the circle for a couple of weeks, but even she put aside her cynicism when she saw how eager the students were to share their feelings with the rest of the group.

By the third week she joined the circle.


That week one of the students gave her feedback, telling her that when she went on talking in class after it was over, he felt frustrated because he had no break between classes and no time to go to the bathroom. The surprised teacher thanked the student for his honesty and the courteous way he had shared it.

The teacher, who was about to retire, was now finally enjoying being in school, thanks to the positive feelings the circles had generated in her class. She decided to try to show the students how she felt by playing a game.

Using no words, she directed all the boys in the class to stand in the shape of a big boat, in which they all rowed together. Now there was a real feeling of community in this classroom.


The plan included regular circles every week, with teachers, students and the children and youth coordinator, as well as a parent night. During the parent night they wanted to ask the restorative questions around the Metro incident: What happened? What were you thinking about at the time? What have you thought about since?

What do you think needs to be done to make things right? Who has been affected by what you have done and in what way?

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They also wanted a teacher to accompany the students on the Metro from then on. They made an agreement to report on their Metro trip to vocational school every week.

For a month, the students had no trouble on the Metro. At this point it was decided that the whole school should learn about the way the Metro problem had been resolved. This successful resolution then filtered up to the top of the Budapest school district administration.

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By April anti aging bustleton ave philly first four schools to implement the practices have given very good feedback on the process, although there are no hard data yet. Kids and staff are taking responsibility for issues as a group and a strong community feeling prevails. On the criminal justice front, Negrea helped train 80 probation officers in family group decision making FGDMwhich brings together extended family and friends to help resolve issues.

After two years more than half of these probation officers are still using FGDM in prison and parole and are expanding its use in many ways.