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“We didn’t decide against Real or Milan” – The Road of Szoboszlai -

Dominik Szoboszlai, at just 20 years old, set a new record for winning The Athlete of the Year award based on the votes of Hungarian sports journalists. In fact, he is the first team sport athlete to have won this individual prize since the beginning of the first award ceremony in We talked with Mátyás Esterházy, manager of the midfield player who signed on with RB Leipzig from Red Bull Salzburg in the winter, about the road so far, and how Dominik could serve as an example for future talents.

The player's agent also revealed some behind the scenes related to Szoboszlai's change of club and prior negotiations. Can he feel the significance of it at just 20 years old?

Maybe we can't even realize his successes, records he achieves after one another. It seems almost natural that he made his debut in the national team at the age of 18 and scored a goal right in first match in the Champions League by the age of twenty, he was the most successful Hungarian goal scorer in the Champions League — the editorthat he is the most expensive Hungarian player and signed on with the German Bundesliga, and that he became The Athlete of the Year in Hungary.

In the meantime, we forget he said goodbye to Anti aging wolfsburg foci after four years in a way that in his last league against Wolfsberger AC, he was still the youngest player on the team. After each success I accented that he can be happy, feel proud of anti aging wolfsburg foci because he works for these moments.

A few years ago, it seemed unimaginable that a Hungarian footballer could reach such heights so soon. Now this is reality, which confirms that he's on the right track. He earned it for his goal against Iceland. We hope that his achievements and dedication will inspire young people that no matter how unbelievable it sounds, it is possible for a young Hungarian teenager to be mentioned among the hundred best footballers in the world.

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That's why a mini film was made about his journey to Leipzig. Dominik tries to live in such a way that he can be a good example to others in every way - the way he works, the way he behaves on and off the field. He has improved a lot on the field, learning off the field how to respect his teammates or anyone else, and the fact that he is not always the greatest player on the team.

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In Hungary, for example, it's anti aging wolfsburg foci problem that outstanding talents in their own age group often spend too much time in their youth teams, and they don't get the opportunity at the age of 16 or 17 in the second division, then in the first division with the adults to play. So, their improvement is often stalled because the junior championship is no longer a challenge for them. I'm Dominik Szoboszlai and I want to show an example to those Hungarian children who start playing football now.

Achievements - 2x Austrian Cup champion — the season's best player in Career road in five steps 1.

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Anti aging wolfsburg foci the Hungarian Football Federation's tournament system, Dominik Szoboszlai played in matches and scored goals between and Along az anti aging termékek valóban hatékonyak his club, Főnix-Gold — where his father Zsolt Szoboszlai right was his coach — he played a season in MTK's youth team between and On one of his last Hungarian matches he scored five goals in the U19 category at the age of There was a time in his teenage years when scored 78 goals in 47 matches.

Inhe transferred to the Red Bull Salzburg youth team. He wasn't even 17 when became a permanent member in the second division, and he earned two goals for his team in just his second legjobb öregedésgátló krémek érett bőrre. At Liefering, he played in 42 matches netting 16 goals and assisting 11 times.

Since then, he's played a total of 83 matches, scored 26 goals and assisted 35 goals.

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In the Champions League group stage, he has a scale of 11 matches, 3 goals and 1 assist. He got into the Hungarian national anti aging wolfsburg foci from Salzburg.

In Marchhe debuted against Slovakia when he was 18 years old. He wasn't even 19 when in his fifth match, against Slovakia again, earned his first goal in September. He has played 12 national team matches scoring 3 goals. Our paper stated that it was decided in the last minute that Red Bull Salzburg lets him play against Iceland. If he didn't have the chance, we wouldn't have been able to take home The Sport Moment of the Year award along with the other two.

We were curious how to handle a situation like this.

Főleg ősszel van szüksége szervezetünknek a teljes ellátásra, hiszen immunrendszerünknek meg kell küzdenie a hideg, nedves időjárás csapdáival. Emellett gyakran csökkentjük a zöldség-gyümölcs fogyasztást, mert vége a fő betakarítási időszaknak, és nem minden terem a házikertben és frissen fogyasztható. Az értékes másodlagos növényi anyagokat mindenesetre semmilyen időben nem szabad nélkülözni.

We are constantly preparing for the fact that his private life will become more and more in the spotlight, and there is a growing interest in everything related to him. Although he is only twenty years old, fortunately he has been in a circle for years where he can gradually get used to the big fuss around him. I've been preparing him for a long time for that this will be his life.

We are preparing for a career and the reputation that comes with it, which is a completely different level from what we are used to at home.

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Fortunately, he is very strong mentally, handles pressure very well and only deals with work, to be better on the field day by day. There is a situation that Hungarian clubs need to take advantage of. Thanks to the successes of Dominik, Péter Gulácsi, Roland Sallai or Attila Szalai, many experts watch our players, which is an opportunity that can and should be consciously built on. It seems like a dream category for a Hungarian player to be able to sign on with a top team directly from the Hungarian National League top tier NB I.

But, if László Bénes from Žilina, Slovakia, who actually grew up in Győr, Hungary, could sign on with Mönchengladbach or Milan Skriniar could sign on with Sampdoria the same year, then why can't Hungarian clubs do business with top-rank teams in a few years as well? Players need to be educated for the purpose of being sold, and young people at 16 should be given more and more opportunities to play football in adult team. Dominik wasn't even 17 years old when he was anti aging wolfsburg foci a permanent member at Liefering adult second division.

First, we need to find those six or nutribullet anti aging receptek domestic clubs that can regularly transfer their players. More and more young people prove that they can stand on their ground, so the anti aging wolfsburg foci are also more confident turning towards Hungary and its players.

Palpite - Wolfsburg x Lille - 08/12/2021 - Champions League

However, we cannot go against the market process; we have to position ourselves properly on an international level. Anti aging wolfsburg foci important is the role a footballer parent? Because if we look at the great promises of the current national team, we can see that in addition to Dominik, Roland Sallai's and Attila Szalai's fathers were anti aging wolfsburg foci great footballers. One is to have perfect technical training by the age of It's not the academy's task to pass this on, because there tactic and other elements would be in foresight.

However, in Hungary, even in the youth team matches we often talk about whether this or that player is properly trained. For example, whether or not they can take the ball and pass it right away. The other key factor in career building is consciously thinking parent.

It's obvious that a child whose father is a footballer spends more time with the ball than others, so he is at an advantage. Long time ago children used to kick anti aging wolfsburg foci ball on the ground until the sun went down, learned from each other, so an average, not so talented child could still play football better than today's children who spend less time with the ball.

However, a consciously thinking parent is continuously looking for ways to improve his child. This applies not only to football, but to any sport.

The final one is in relation to this is career planning. It's anti aging wolfsburg foci expected from the parent to understand how each team builds up its players — it's the managers' jobs to help them make a decision tru face anti aging krém vélemények evaluating and sharing all available information.

It's often said that Dominik was lucky with Salzburg, but they forget that a decision had to be made for this. We chose Salzburg instead of other teams together with the parents, because the experiences have shown that talent can develop together with the club that signs on with him. Then, the club educates these young people to then be able to sell anti aging wolfsburg foci to the higher-level clubs. Not everyone who gets to Salzburg will be a top player, but everyone will start with equal chances.

Is it possible to get close to the top clubs as a Hungarian manager?

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However, Dominik's career path so far shows that all this can happen, and the star clubs that have been anti aging wolfsburg foci with him anti aging wolfsburg foci the international press have really taken a specific interest in him. So, if you have a family background in addition to talent and technical skills and the player is also able to gradually improve and perform at a higher and higher level thanks to good career planning, then the sky is the limit.

At the same time, I negotiated with potential partners who, in return for a certain commission, would've helped manage him with their exclusive contacts, but we couldn't find a form that would've benefited all parties. Anti aging wolfsburg foci young, I have plans, ambitions, and I didn't want to make otherwise unnecessary compromises because of a financially promising offer in the short term. In the future as well, we will only engage in a collaboration that can serve the player's advancement.

Would it have been too much of a leap? Though it was a huge experience to meet the technical director Paolo Maldini of Milan, we chose Leipzig because we saw the biggest chance here to improve from the experiences learned from Salzburg.

There was a time when it helped and it hurt less, but there were times when it hurt more. I get very good feedback from all over Europe, several clubs have come up with galexis svájci anti aging ideas, so it would be a shame to deny the positive aftermath.

I think the conscious work that we started years ago is starting to pay off, and I'm sure that Hungarian football will benefit from this in the short and medium term.

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Yes, there are anti aging wolfsburg foci in the youth teams who can get very far with proper diligence and dedication. I mention them because they are at the age when they are a near go to playing with adults and proving themselves there regularly.

I'm very proud to be able to help these talents, and I believe that if they continue on the path they have begun, they will be successful. There are huge talents among the younger ones as well, but they still have a long way and need to work hard to become real footballers.

If the above-mentioned bases are given, anything can be achieved, even from Hungary too Translated by Vanda Orosz.