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Each Securitate informative surveillance file contains periodically updated plans of action, but these usually required only the approval of the high-ranking Securitate officer in charge of the case of the person in question.

Obviously, the hierarchical level of those who endorsed this plan indicates the great importance attached to this case. Pleșiță remains notorious, however, for his actions while head of the Centre for Foreign Intelligence between andin particular for the failed attempt at suppressing Goma while in exile in Paris, and for the bomb attack on the RFE headquarters in Munich, for which the Securitate seems to have hired the infamous terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal.

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AfterPleșiță showed no remorse for his misdeeds, and all attempts to hold him legally responsible for these wrongdoings eventually failed. To return to this particular Securitate plan, its content and date of issuance illustrate that it was just an intermediate stage in the devising of actions meant to disintegrate the emerging movement. The document includes four separate types of action.

#1 ANTI AGE - produkti, kas ietekmē ādas stāvokli

This type of edicei svájci anti aging consists mostly of various forms of harassment up to the level of deporting him outside Bucharest in order to seclude him from his channels of communication across the border. These actions of rather soft repression were to be accompanied by attempts bring this problematic episode for the Securitate to a faster and neater end by convincing Goma to either give up or emigrate.

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The second category of actions included the use of the foreign press and publications in the attempt to compromise Goma and implicitly the movement for human rights initiated by him among the Romanian emigration and the Western audience. The third category referred to actions of counterbalancing the denigrating messages broadcast by Radio Free Europe, which was the radio agency that helped Goma the edicei svájci anti aging. All these measures failed, and thus Goma was eventually arrested and brutally interrogated, including by First Deputy Minister Pleșită himself, but liberated approximately a month later, on 6 Maydue to the massive protests of csütörtöki felemelkedés 2022 svájc anti aging Romanian emigration in Paris, which managed to convince many outstanding personalities to sign a petition for his release.

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This plan of action testifies to the Securitate practice of spreading calumnious rumours about all those who spoke against the regime in order to defame and isolate them. Zbirka Bogdana Radice.

Az Ellenpontok 8. A helsinki értekezlet megállapodásainak betartását ellenőrző madridi konferencia résztvevőihez is megküldött Memorandum a romániai magyarságért szólalt fel, röviden ismertetve a Ceaușescu-rendszer nemzetiségi politikáját, az asszimilációt szolgáló intézkedéseket és a magyar azonosságtudat természetes kifejlődését akadályozó eszközöket. Megállapította a másodrendű állampolgárság tényét és az önvédelmi lehetőségek — közösségi érdekvédelmi szervezetek — hiányát.