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I have been an educator since and continue to derive great joy from my work to the present day.

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In addition to my daily teaching responsibilities, I have endeavoured to use and pass on my knowledge and experience at the school, municipal, county and national levels. My students have achieved great success in numerous other prominent competitions for young scholars.

As an acknowledgement of my work in nurturing excellence, Egyetemi st gallen suisse anti aging received the Rátz Life Achievement Award as well as a Ministerial Certificate of Recognition.

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I take part in organising county and national competitions as well as school events. I am a master teacher, consultant, board chair for the Matura examination and multiplier as well as participating in bringing grant projects to fruition.

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I was a form teacher for 19 years. I have often published in Élet és Tudomány Life and Sciencea popular science weekly, in which studies by my students are also occasionally published.

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I have also created the Lovassy Health website, which is edited exclusively by my students, who write articles on health and health education. At the request of Maxim Publishers, I have prepared a Matura preparation book with a colleague from Debrecen. Szalainé Tóth T. Megváltoztatható-e, ami génjeinkben meg van írva?

egyetemi st gallen suisse anti aging

Szalainé Tóth T, Dr. Szűcsné Kerti A. Érettségi mintafeladatsorok biológiából 10 írásbeli emelt szintű feladatsor [Sample Matura examinations in biology 10 advanced written examination papers ]. Szeged: Maxim Kiadó.

Ms Krisztina Tóth 2. Evaluation of surgical techniques Tutor: Péter Sápy, M.