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Selection of Material for the Present Study The Anglo-American anti-proverbs1 over in number selected for the present study derive primarily from American and British written sources.

Litovkina and Katalin Vargha and come from their corpus of over Hungarian anti-proverbs, some of 1 For a detailed discussion of the research on anti-proverbs and the terminology in the English language, see MIEDER ; T.

Additional texts were recorded from recent Hungarian newspapers, fiction, and advertisements.

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Salvatore Attardo, along with kétszer karácsonyi swiss anti aging other humor researchers, distinguishes four subcategories of puns:—paronyms, homonyms, homographs and homophones: Two words are paronyms when their phonemic representations are similar but not identical. Two words are homonyms when their phonemic or graphemic representation is identical, and two words are homographs when their graphemic representation is identical i.

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Two words are homophones when their phonemic representation is identical i. Homographs and homophones are subclasses of homonyms. The vast majority of puns in our material are based on sound similarities rather than on sound equivalences; that is, paronyms prevail. Second, come homonyms. Homophones are represented in only a few instances especially in the German, Hungarian, and Russian material.

Not one single homograph has been found in any of the corpora of anti-proverbs analyzed for the present study.

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Paronyms, homonyms and homophones will be discussed and exemplified in separate sections. As we have already discussed in our study on the most frequent types of alteration in Anglo-American, German, French, 12 See T. The authors of anti-proverbs often try to find a word phonologically similar to one in the original proverb.

A fool and his money are soon partying. A fool and his money are soon potted. A fool and his money are soon spotted.

Let us demonstrate the same phenomenon in anti-proverbs from other languages: Ge: Ende gut, alles gut Rente gut — alles gut. Ernte gut, alles gut? Ente gut, alles gut. Lende gut, alles gut. Fr: Qui vole un œuf vole un bœuf Qui vole un œuf vole un beauf.

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Qui vole un œuf vole un cabriolet tout neuf. Qui vole un œuf vole un keuf. Qui vole un œuf vole un œuf. Hu: Jóból is megárt a sok Hóból is megárt a sok.

Lóból is megárt a sok. Sóból is megárt a sok. Szóból is megárt a sok. A word is frequently substituted by a similar-sounding word with a sexual connotation Where there's a pill, there's a way.

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Of particular interest are proverb transformations in which two ideas are conjoined through the substitution, addition or omission of a single phoneme. The most frequent is the substitution of one phoneme in a word for another most frequently consonants Let us offer the following examples here: I always say that beauty is only sin deep. Replacement of two phonemes by one occurs in the following examples: Lightning never strikes mice.

But too many cooks spoil the brothel. She put her heart before the course. Puns of this nature are referred to in our study as homonymous puns. Where there's a will, you can expect a dead person' long-lost relatives to come out of the woodwork. You know what they say: where there's a will, there's relatives.

Where there's a will — there's a contestant.

Punning in Anglo-American, German, French, Russian and Hungarian Anti-Proverbs

Where there's a will — there's a delay. Where there's a will there's a wait. Where there's a will there's a won't.

Auch ein blinder Trinker findet mal einen Kétszer karácsonyi swiss anti aging.

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Fr: Il vaut mieux [Mieux vaut] tenir que courir Mieux vaut tenir que mourir. Mieux vaut tenir que céder. Mieux vaut tenir que pourrir. Mieux vaut tenir que périr.

Vak tyúk is talál szemészt.

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Anti-proverbs of this type, which combine a sexual meaning with a non-sexual one, present examples of double entendre in its strictest sense. That's why I called you a prick! A dirty story usually leads up to the punchline by the use of taboo words, but a well-fashioned obscene pun never overtly uses obscene words.

Rather, the pun allows two different words, which are pronounced in the same way, to be substituted for each other. Usually one of the two ambiguous words is taboo, elvégre svájci anti aging the teller of the pun claims innocence by leaving it up to the listener to connect the innocent and the taboo meanings.

As Farb continues FARB 89 : The offering of a choice between two meanings, one innocent and the other taboo, is essential to the obscene pun.

Because the taboo word is not expressed directly, the listener is therefore given the option either to accept the ambiguity or not to accept it signified by his refusal to laugh nervously or kétszer karácsonyi swiss anti aging his uttering a deprecating groan. As expected, in the English and French languages in which spelling and pronunciation of a word might differ substantially such words have been found more often than in the other three languages in which a word is normally pronounced the way it is spelled, and in which homophones are rare not only in anti-proverbs but in thes languages as well.

Let us start this section with some Anglo-American anti-proverbs employing homophones. Mothers advising daughters No thyself. The ascetic says: No thyself. The best advice to a dieter is: No thyself. A beautician says nothing is less attractive than an elderly woman with bleached kétszer karácsonyi swiss anti aging hennaed hair. Only the young dye good, it seems.

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On seeing a grandmotherly face crowned by jet-black hair: Only the young dye good. Playing on homophones, as well as on other types of puns, has become an integral part of advertising.

Audi advertisement. Villa Banfi: When it pours, it reigns. Villa Banfi wines advertisement. When it pours, it reigns.

Waterford crystal advertisement. Some puns employing homophones might not even be perceived as puns if not read, specifically the ones in which no other mechanism of variation occurs.

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Here are four examples: Waist not, want not. Racquet's Edge Recreation Center advertisement. Aux grands mots, les grands dictionnaires.

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Aux grands mots, les grands moyens. Thus, in the anti-proverbs below the first four of which are alterations of the proverb Nem mind arany, ami fénylik, the words arany gold and János Arany famous Hungarian poet, — are played on: Nem mind arany, ami Petőfi. Nem mind arany, ami János. Nem minden arany, ami János. Hallgatni Arany, beszélni Petőfi.

He lists some puns according to category e.

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In addition, certain puns involve not simply single words but groups of words. This technique of punning is, however, less frequent than the previous one: Where there's a bill, we're away. At first, let us view puns playing on homonyms and homophones: Faith can move mountains — she's a big girl.

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Die Nonne und der Ritter. Even though a gentle dog, it was still true that her Bach was worse than her bite. Wong, a Chinese woman, gave birth to a blond-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian baby. When the doctor asked Mr. When he began to polish the urn, out came a magnificently bearded genie, who introduced himself as Benny.

Benny granted Abdul the obligatory three wishes and bid him good- bye. Moral: A Benny shaved is a Benny urned. He could down whole gallons of alcoholic stimulants at a sitting. Bilingual puns usually employ words from two kétszer karácsonyi swiss anti aging phonetically similar but different in meaning. In the corpora of anti-proverbs from five languages the most common bilingual puns are those based on English or Latin words or proverbs. According to L. I figure there's no present like the time.

When the king became tired of each throne, he would store it in the attic of his grass hut. And they did too. All of which proves, gloats J. Captured and sentenced to face the ax, he sought to save his life by sending a message kétszer karácsonyi swiss anti aging said he would reveal the others in his group of plotters.

A decree of clemency arrived only minutes later, but, of course, it was of no avail. If there is a moral to this, it is that you should never hatchet your count before he chickens. Hogy mi a baja, nem tudni, de joggal bizakodhatunk, hogy a szimpatikus fiatalember erős szervezete a következő folytatásra legyűri a veszedelmes kórt és akkor majd Alma nem esik messze az ágyától Kommt Unrat. Volkswagen advertisement. We have discussed and exemplified two of the most frequent types of puns in anti-proverbs — 51 Ludas Matyi, The main goal of the surveys is to learn how age and gender, as well as different mechanisms of proverb alteration including various types of punning discussed in the present studyinfluence the appreciation of humor in anti-proverbs in the five countries from which we have drawn the examples analyzed in the kétszer karácsonyi swiss anti aging study.

We owe much gratitude to Professor Carl Lindahl University of Houston for his friendly help in proofreading the study, his critical comments, and suggestions. Hungarian-English Thesaurus of Slang.