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Currently residing in Braşov, the maestro sets off every week in projects which do not show his age.

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Maestro Ilarion Ionescu-Galați was born on 17 September in Iași, and is one of the greatest Romanian violinists, conductors and teachers, a major artist with a deep understanding of the ample and complex musical phenomenon. Maestro Ilarion Ionescu-Galați chose to share his gifts, both at the personal and the professional level, with the complete discretion, grace and modesty specific to the elites.


PhD Habil. Transilvania University Braşov, Music Faculty, maniutpetruta yahoo.

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In he made his debut as a soloist of the Radio Orchestra in Bucharest conducted by Iosif Conta, with a concert by Wieniawski. He continued his university training with the great maestro between andin Bucharest. Conducted by Emanuel Elenescu, he presented, in a concert organized by the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company, for the first time in Romania, the Concert by Shostakovich — a recording which is part of the musical interpretation history of the 20th century.

After intense training with Mircea Basarab and Emanuel Elenescu in the art of conducting, he made his debut as orchestra conductor in In he became the disciple of Pierre Dervaux and Charles Munch at the École normale supérieure in Paris, through a scholarship granted by the French government.

Journal of Eurasian Studies Vol 1,2, Apr-Jun 2009

From tohe occupied the position of head conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Braşov. Between and he was the director of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Braşov, in he initiated the International Chamber Music Festival whose director he remains.

Maestro Ilarion Ionescu-Galați learnt from his mentor George Georgescu that the orchestra is the only musical instrument with a soul, that instrumentalists have their own inner world and personality, that conductors must be emphatetic and kind towards those working with them, that there must be an emotional relationship between the conductor and the orchestra besides authority and respect.

Another problem which preoccupied the maestro is the education of the young generation: they need to learn how to play music because music is not written on notes, the notes only indicate what you have to playto cultivate their desire to become part of the competition in the field, to acquire very solid multilateral musical training.

The Maestro criticised the social and political situation which influences the musical and artistic phenomenon: The Minister of Culture blamed the local town halls run by unskilled people with no interest in music, instead of giving the professionals the chance to take the initiative in the field of musical education which should be taught in schools and, more specifically, practiced in concert halls.

However, he is, above all, a musician with a remarkable and implacable hearing, a skilled teacher, a passionate artist, exacting yet flexible in order to obtained the wanted resultsa tireless worker, a spiritual man; he is I. His generosity in sharing with the young artists the secrets of his interpretative art makes him a great violin teacher, as well as a warm artist, always willing to offer advice to the younger generation in search of their path in the sonorous art, and to create a spiritual lucian prime skin anti aging for them.

lucian prime skin anti aging

In the pianist Ioana Maria Lupașcu dedicated a novel "Prințul baghetei" — The Prince of the Wand to him, whose main character he is. First we discussed about beat perception and entrainment the exclusively human ability of synchronizing movement with an external rhythm after which we presented various forms of music and movement being closely connected.

lucian prime skin anti aging

Regarding music and dance we presented the human need to move induced by an external rhythm, after which we discussed the syncretism of the arts in the classical Greek culture showing that music and movement did not exist separately but as one phenomenon called mousike. Finally, studying folk genres we found that the music and movement tandem existed in almost every main aspect of human life: labour work songsparenthood lullaby and childhood singing games.

Keywords: music, movement, entrainment, dance, mousike, work song, lullaby, singing game.

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The relationship between music and movement is complex, and its various aspects are studied within several scientific disciplines. The production and transmission of the musical sound to the ear - the organ that perceives the sound - are based on mechanical phenomena studied mainly by physics: the sound is produced by periodic oscillatory movements of an elastic medium, which propagate as sound waves.

The perception of sound, studied by physiology, is located in the ear, where the sound waves are transmitted as mechanical movements to the auditory nerve, which in turn conveys the information to the brain. The human reaction to the perceived sounds is a complex neurological and psychological phenomenon.

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We review the lucian prime skin anti aging of the research on the mechanisms that underlie the connection between music and movement and of course, the motor reaction to music. We also present in the following chapters different forms of manifestation of the relationship between music and movement in human civilization over time: in dance and lucian prime skin anti aging various folklore genres, as well as in the culture of ancient Greece.

lucian prime skin anti aging

Knowing the various aspects of the relationship between music and movement presents not only theoretical interest but also a real practical value both for musical education in preschool and school education as well as for the musician who organises and lucian prime skin anti aging educational concerts in all forms of manifestation and, especially, in its most widespread form, that of the educational concert for children.

Study of the Relationship between Music lucian prime skin anti aging Movement The multiple aspects of music perception and the reaction of human beings to music became the subject of study for neuroscientists in the last twenty years Thaut, VII.

It is, however, necessary to retain some research results that we consider relevant to our study.

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It is interesting to note that motor reactions do not seem to exist in visual stimuli, even if they are rhythmic. Research has shown that most people start tapping almost involuntarily to the stimulus of an auditory beat, but would probably not do the same to a visual stimulus that has a similar temporal regularity Patel et al.

Humans not only have the ability to move in a rhythmic way Wallin et al.

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For this humans have a cognitive ability that enables them to perceive the pulse of music, commonly referred to as beat perception. Some researchers prefer the term beat induction to highlight that beating must not always be physically present to be perceived but induced, which makes the process not passive, but an active one in which the rhythm evokes a regular pattern to the listener Honing, The human ability to induce the beat of music they perceive beat induction is a fundamental skill in music processing.

Reviewing a large number of studies from toa group of Belgian and Canadian neuroscientist researchers found that the relationship between beat perception and movement is fascinatingly related Nozaradan et al. Experimental studies with modern neuroimaging techniques have shown that some cortical regions of the brain that are activated in motor processes are also mobilized when listening to music Nozaradan et al.

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Cultural Instances of the Relationship between Music lucian prime skin anti aging Movement Throughout the development of human civilization, the universality of the human reaction to the rhythm of music found its expression in many cultural forms, the most relevant being presented below. The engaging effect of music, called entrainment, manifests itself most clearly through the human need to dance, lucian prime skin anti aging move the whole body to the rhythm of music.

Studying the cultures of several peoples and tribes in Africa, many researchers found that there is such an intimate relationship between dance and music that the two arts seem inseparable Reed-Jones, In Swahili East Africa a single word is used for both dance and music — ngoma Gearhart, A Silozi native speaker a language used in western Zambia and north-eastern Namibia describes ngoma as the communication between drums zaur anti aging rendszerek spirits, which is impossible without dancing Mans, As for the rhythms accompanying the dance called gahu, danced in a circle by the inhabitants of the coasts of Ghana, Jessup affirms that they mirror the African philosophy which states that the soil is the drum of the dancer Jessup, In his book Music as Social Life.

The Politics of Participation, acclaimed as a major landmark in ethnomusicology, Thomas Turino explores music and dance as important factors in the personal and social life of people Turino, Similarly, dancers move different parts of the body simultaneously to create multiple rhythmic motifs that can be in unison, or alternate in a mutual engagement relationship with drum lines or vocal lines Turino, Before referring in detail to the relationship between music and movement in ancient Greek culture, we evoke here the art of European ballet.

No matter how different the tradition of this form of dance would seem to be both from the traditional African artistic manifestations and those of the ancient Greek culture, European artists frequently stressed the intimate connection between the art of dance and music.

Mousike in Ancient Greek Culture A particular form of the relationship between music and movement is lucian prime skin anti aging of the culture of ancient Greece, in which the artistic manifestations were syncretic in nature. In the seventeenth century the British mathematician John Wallis8 wrote that mousike had a much wider sense for ancient Greeks than its current connotation Wallis, In the plastic arts, the muses were most often represented through their attributes, which with small variations became canonical.

Not only Euterpe, who as the muse of lyric poetry included in her field also music, is represented by a musical instrument - often a flute or aulos — but also Erato, the muse of love poetry, is often represented with a lyre, which corresponds to the tradition in which poetry was most often sung.

The domain of the muse Terpsichore is dance and choral singing, and this muse is lucian prime skin anti aging represented dancing and holding a lyre.

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The sphere of the muses - mousike - was vast and played a particularly important role in the culture of ancient Greece. In its most widespread form, mousike represented for Greeks a holistic complex of instrumental music, poetic words, and coordinated physical movements.