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Telefon Telephon Elsõrendü penzió.

Budapest Voyage

Német, angol és francia társalgás. Erstklassige Pension. Deutsche, englische, französische Konversation. Telephone Firstclass boardinghouse.

premier funiculaire suisse anti aging

Téléphone Pension de premier rang. Conversation allemande, «8 anglaise et française. Noi- férfî- és gyermek- Damen- Herren- und fehérnemüek. Brautasszonyikelengyékaleg- ausstattungen nach ujabb modellek szerint. Ü«éil WareS ï r fcs? Trous- Bridal trousseaux made à rétoile bleue, seaux pour fiancées de after our newest models. Founded in ss Teleph Budapest, IV. Fondé en ss Téléphone Budapest, IV. Page 1. Important Notice Postes, télégraphes, téléphones 9 4.

Office of information 9 5. Carric Chapman-Catt. Entrance hall. Side entrance. Ticket office.

Main staircase. Printed matters Postoffice behind the statue. Room for journalists Exhibition for printed matter and reading-room Convention-hall Presidents Reception-room Entrance for fraternal delegates Secretary s office Ladies toilette and cloak-room Exhibition of Hungarian national art Dining-room Press-room Gentlemen s toilette and cloak-room Buffet Furniture of reception-rooms by kindness of Gelb M.

If you wish to see public institutions, museums etc. As in the Redoute hats and jackets have to be taken off, we have provided for a permanent ticket for the cloak-room valuable during the whole Congress week, the price of which is 1 Kr. All membres of the Congress are urgently asked to directly book their names and addresses in the Information Office and also to notify any change of their address which may take place during the Congress week.

We particularly wish to know the profession of the members as there are premier funiculaire suisse anti aging invitations issued by different Associations of Professionals. For ladies, who can serve as Guides or Interpreters inquire at the Information Office.

The Information Bureau will be open from the premier funiculaire suisse anti aging every morning at 9 o clock.

Terminé en Sa chaîne d'origine a été détruite pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale et remplacée par un pont moderne par câble qui a ouvert ses portes en La façade la plus étroite de Budapest est une maison de six mètres et vingt centimètres de largeur située du côté Buda du pont Elizabeth et peut être facilement repérée en traversant le Danube depuis Pest.

General private invitations are extended to Delegates for Luncheon and Tea. These invitations will be given out at the Information Bureau. A Typewriter and Operator will be at the disposal of the Delegates for business purposes.

Notepaper, stationery, supplied in the Reading Hall. A special postonice is established in the Congressbuilding during the Congress.

premier funiculaire suisse anti aging

An interurban telephone is also to disposition. Besides there are 75 Post and Telegraph-offices in the territory of the Chief Postoffice, corner of Koronaherceg-utca Crownprince s-street and Párisi-utca.

Minimizing the effects of overexploitation in karst aquifers in dry years. Rashed K. Integrating temporal hydrologic variations into karst groundwater vulnerability mapping 3 — examples from Slovenia Sadier B. Samani N. Maharlu karst basin behaves as double porosity media.

Public Telephonestations are in many places, in all Hotels, tabaccoshops and baths. Central telephone-station is in the Nagymezö-utca. Telephoneconnections to Hungarian towns and abroad.

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A speciality of Budapest is the Telefon Hirmondó : a daily report of latest news, medallón of performances of the Operahouse and other musical performances, introduced to all hotels, coffeehouses etc. Information about the public meetings, committee-meetings, succession, time and place of lectures, common social arrangements, receptions, evening entertainments, excursions, sight-seeings, theaters, and tickets for same. Delivering of Congress-badges, tickets for theaters and programs.

References and information about : the restaurants, confectioners, refreshment-rooms, baths, hairdressers etc. Értékes szelvények! Kérjeingyenképes árjegyzékünket Waldes es Társa, Prag-Wrschowitz Dresden Warschau Druckknöpfe sind äusserst flach und halten bei jeder Körperbewegung fest. Führende Weltmarke, einzige höchste Auszeichnungen.

premier funiculaire suisse anti aging

Wertvolle Prämien. Adds to the fit and appearance of all garments. It can t come unfastened, lies flat and smooth, never gaps or bulges. Fashion masters like Paquin, Red- Marque mondiale ayant obtenu fern, Worth etc. Look for the letters KIN none other premier funiculaire suisse anti aging seules et lesplushautesrécomcontains the Waldespring necessary for penses.

Primes de grande valeur. London E. Meeting Board ot Officers. Sight seeing in different groups. See page to 6 p. Educational Meeting. Private invitations and excursions.

Start from the entrance hall of the Congress Building. Religious Service at Protestant Church in Buda.

Anna H. Shaw preaching. Eliza Tupper Wilkes assisting p.

If desired lunch may be had on the delightful and cool Island of Margit near the church at 3 Kronen per person, or on the terrace-restaurant of the House of Parliament at Kronen. Academy of music. Chair: The President. Overture: Written for the occasion by Dr. Aladar Rényi. Orchestra of National Theater. Ode: Written tor the occasion by Emil Ábrányi. His Excellency Dr. Stephen de Bárczy, Burgomaster of Budapest.

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Response: Mrs. Opera parée offered by the Royal Opera to foreign delegates, tickets at the Congressbureau. Convention Hall. Seating of Delegates a. Convention called to order. Adoption of Programme. Credential Report.

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Galicia, Mme Melanie Berson. Roumania, Mme Eugenie de Reus Janculescu. South Africa, Mrs. William Macintosh. Presentation Chinese banner, Dr. Aletta Jacobs. Report Committee on Brochure oí Suffrage Data. Frau Marie Stritt, Germany. Miss Chrystal Macmillan, Gt. Mile Maria Verone, France.

Report Committee on translation and publication. Colorado booklet. Miss Käthe Schirmaciier. Leon Brunschvig.

Report of Treasurer. Report of Auditor. Financial Report of Jus Suffragi!. Resumé of National Reports : Mrs.

Carriage Drive through Budapest. Tickets at the Congressoifice. Reception by the City of Budapest on the Fisher Bastion p. Three minutes addresses in Court of Honour. Austria, Mrs. Australia, Mrs. Indente Spencer. Bohemia, Representative. Bulgaria, Mrs. Jennie Bojilowa Patteff. Canada, Mrs. Flora Mac D. Denmark, Miss Kline Hansen.

Denmark, Mrs. Elna Munch. Finland, Miss Cely Meckelin. France, Mme de Schlumrerger. Germany, Frau Marie Stritt.

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Britain, Miss Ashton. Chair: The President a. Reading of Minutes. Business Proposals : 1 Establishment International Headquarters.

Establishment International Press Bureau. Proposed by Gt. Future of Jus Suffragii. Printing of annual instead of biennial International Reports. Proposed by Mrs. Printing of Asiatic Reports. Catt and Dr.