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Eqology spoke with Cecilie about the differences between travelling to the North Pole and the South Pole.

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There are ice leads opening and closing, you see polar bear tracks and seals lying on the ice. Generally you get much more external stimuli when skiing on the Arctic Ocean. On the way to the South Pole, on the other hand, there is just endless whiteness, and absolutely nothing is going on.

Whatever happens is inside your own head.

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Pole, says Cecilie. I felt I had an infinitely long way to go. If you start thinking like that, you just have to cut that thought and start thinking positively. Otherwise it becomes unbearable.

Whether the trip is short or long. On her trip to the North Pole inCecilie and her team used 49 days. Together with her partner Ryan Waters, she just as well crossed the Antarctic continent. The two used 71 days on the kilometer long trip. Moreover, Cecilie says she has been at the South Pole once before, in However, the duo had to cancel the szerves anti aging bőrápoló összetevők after 13 days due to svájci anti aging karabiner difficult conditions.

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There was too much ice for paddling, and the ice was too weak for skiing on it. Time to think — What goes through your mind while pulling a kg heavy sled, hour after hour? I get to sort out my thoughts in my head. Thinking them through, thoroughly. For svájci anti aging karabiner, for many days I thought of my confirmation, the guests, and so on.

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Furthermore, Cecilie says that she thinks of experiences she has had in the past, and that she dreams of what will happen in the future. I was living very intensely up there. The environment requires that you must be very present, mentally, at all times.


You feel like a walking zombie. At the North Pole it was the moment when I truly realized that we actually were on the sea. We had to work hard every hour of the way to get there. And it is much more uncertain whether you will make it all the way or not.

It is both physically and mentally demanding. In Antarctica, we followed an almost military regime. We svájci anti aging karabiner going for 45 minutes and had a five minute break.

Then we went on for another 45 minutes and had a ten min break. Over and over again. We met so many natural obstacles, such as large ice leads and pack ice. We took a break whenever there was a natural stop.

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It was so huge, massive, and broad. I felt so tiny. It was incredibly beautiful, with lots of mountains that popped up everywhere, and glaciers coming down. That was when we met the first ice lead. We could feel the lead long before we saw it.

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All of a sudden we were covered with frost and ice, because of the humidity. There was a layer of frost everywhere. There is another type of coldness at the North Pole, the kind of cold that creeps all the way into your bones. I stood there, knowing that we are going to cross this water.

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But after a while it became everyday life, says Cecilie with a smile. Facts The South Pole is located in Antarctica, which is land covered by ice.

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At the North Pole there is no solid ground, just ice floating on the sea. Arctic consists, however, of more than just ice.


Indigenous populations live in several of these areas. Antarctica, on the other hand, is international territory. In Antarctica there are no indigenous, but researchers are staying here for short periods of time.