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Department of Pathology, Semmelweis University, Budapest Introduction: Operation on the infrarenal aorta could cause rhabdomyolysis of skeletal muscle, which may result in myonephropathic metabolic syndrome. Materials and methods: Wistar rats underwent minutes bilateral lower limb ischemia and minutes reperfusion. Serum, urine and histological samples were taken in the end of reperfusion.

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Results: In the NIM-treated group has more favourable histological alterations. Muscle mitochondrial viability is significantly higher p Kiss 2 1 Department of Orthopaedics, Semmelweis University, Budapest Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Structural Engineering, Budapest Aims: The aim of our study was to detect the changes in dynamic balancing —modeled with ultrasoundduring the first six months of the postoperative period in case of based sudden perturbation test — - DL and posterior, capsule preserving — P surgical approaches.

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Methods: The dynamic balancing ability was detected with ultrasound-based sudden perturbation test before total hip arthroplasty, and 6, 12 weeks and 6 months postoperatively in 25 patients with DL- approach, 22 patients with AL-approach and 25 patients with P-approach. The dynamic balancing ability extremity. During the first six postoperative months,the dynamic balancing ability improved at groups operated by DL- and AL approach, but the dynamic balancing ability of affected side differed from the control group.

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To sum it up, we can see that swiss diurnal raptor anti aging improving of muscle forces and the range of motion of hip joint, the improvement of dynamic balancing ability must be taken into consideration too when planning rehabilitation protocols and also in the case of abandonment of crutches.