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All men in the world have the use of many natural, universal rights who names are human rights. These rights have general law protection.

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The attack to these rights many criminal codes has prescribed as criminal acts. Lack of any of general, basic elements of the definition of the criminal act in criminal code, of objective or subjective character, exempts that act that is, the act committed by a person, with resulting consequences from the character of criminal act 1.

It is regarded to the circumstances which an act of a man exempts from either social danger or illegality, or of both elements 2.

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Namely, the exclusion of these elements exists when the act, which is otherwise regulated by law as a criminal act, is considered as excusable, according to some special provision. There are two bases for the exclusion of the criminal act in the criminal law of Serbia and Montenegro. General bases 4 in the criminal law of the Republic of Serbia according to the provisions of the General criminal law are: 1 insignificant social danger article 8.

Basic Criminal Code and 3 extreme necessity article Basic Criminal Code. In the Criminal code of the Republic of Montenegro 6 from December Ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért are: 1 an act of little significance article 9.

Special bases for the exclusion of the criminal act are not specifically provided by law. They present a creation of the law theory and court practice but some of them are seen in the foreign legislations in specific cases. According to the fact that these special bases are not specifically provided by law, their effect and applicability are of controversial matter 7.

Basic Criminal Code with aplication in Republic of Serbiaand article Criminal code of the Republic of Montenegronecessary defence is defence which is necessary for a perpetrator in order to protect himself or other person from an imminent illegal attack 8. Ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért act committed in necessary defence is excusable because the legislator himself considers that the perpetrator of such act is authorised for commission of that act 9. From this definition 10it results that necessary defence, in the sense of institute of criminal law, has to fulfil two conditions-the existence of attack and protection from such attack.

But not every attack gives the right for necessary defence, nor every protection ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért attack is necessary defence. Attack, as well as protection from attack, has to fulfil conditions cumulatively provided by law.

Conditions for the existence of attack Attack is every act aimed towards violating or endangering legal property or legal interest of a person It is most often undertaken by action, and sometimes by inaction. In order for ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért act to be relevant with the view anti aging elixír ital institute of necessary defence, it has to fulfil certain conditions, which are: attack has to be undertaken by man; attack has to be aimed against any legal property or legal interest of a person; attack has to be illegal; and attack has to be real.

This solution are providing many modern criminal codes as : article Jescheck, Lehrbuch des Strafrecht, Allgemeiner teil, Berlin, Nenov, Nakazatelno pravo, Obša čast, Sofia, Stefani, G. Levasseur, B. Bulock, Droit penal general, Paris, Lolis, G. Mangakis, The Greek penal code, London, Penko, K. Strog, Kazenski zakonik z uvodnimi pojasnili, Ljubljana, Compendio di diritto penale, Parte generale e speciale, Simone, Napoli, Skuratov, V.

April However, if a person directed a force of nature torrent, rockslide in order to endanger other person or his legal property, or if an animal a dangerous dog or a horse is used as means for endangering protected property, than these cases are also considered as necessary defence.

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Attack could be undertaken by any person, no matter of the age, accountability or guilt. It could be undertaken by any action or inaction, as well as using any means which is suitable for violation or endangering some legal property Therefore, necessary defence is excusable in case of an actual attack instantaneous or presentas well as in case of imminent attack.

ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért árak de courant suisse anti aging

Whether the attack is imminent, is a question which is determined by court in each particular case, judging all the circumstances of the committed act and the perpetrator.

The attack is imminent when there is a possibility in time and place of the close carrying out an attack But, it does not mean that necessary defence is excusable against future, undetermined in place and time, but indicated attacks. Measures of precaution and preventive protection against indicated or expected attacks are excusable only if they do ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért go over the limits of necessary measures for that specific moment.

Most often, life and physical integrity is being attacked, but sometimes it can be property, honour, reputation, dignity, moral. The object of attack could be any legal property or legal interest. Law does not explicitly state which are those goods that can be the objects of attack in the sense of necessary defence. Attack can be aimed against any legal property of the attacked person, but also against any legal property of some other physical or legal person.

Therefore, necessary defence exists not only in case of protecting from the attack on a legal property, but also in case of protecting from the attack on any property of other person physical or legal if that person is not capable of protecting himself from such attack.

ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért helyi anti aging gyógynövények és fűszerek

In any case, the scope and necessity of defence depend in the first place on the nature of legal property which is attacked or endangered. Therefore, attack which is undertaken during exercising duty according to some legal authorisation, is not illegal and necessary defence in that case is not excusable.

ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért legjobb anti aging termékek peptidekkel

However, if an authorised person oversteps the limits of legal authorisation, then such situation is changed into illegal attack against which necessary defence is allowed.

On the other hand, violation of necessary defence also changes into illegal attack, in which case the attacker has the right for defence because in this case he is in the state of necessary defence. The right for necessary defence exists no matter if the attacker is conscious of illegality of his attack or not. Namely, it is enough that the attacked person objectively realises the attack.

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It is of no significance whether the attacker is guilty or not, as well as whether his act is punishable. Illegal attack could be undertaken by a child or by a mentally incompetent person.

Cink hiány és Cink pótlás

That means that necessary defence on necessary defence is not excusable. But, different situations in life can happen, when the attacked person anticipates the possibility of being attacked in certain place and time because of his relationship with some person.

A vizek egyenként csomagoltak és újrazárhatóak lesznek. Senki sem léphet be egy Zónába a megfelelő engedély nélkül. A szereplők a saját lakókocsijukban lévő mellékhelyiségeket használják, és csak szükség esetén használják az A Zóna mosdóit. A B Zóna az A Zónához rendelt mosdókon kívüli összes többi mosdót használja.

If in such situations anticipated attack is undertaken, it is 31 Vojislav Đurđić - Dragan Jovašević, Praktikum za krivično pravo, Knjiga prva, Opšti deo, Službeni glasnik, Beograd, Even more controversial situation is when a person provokes attack. The problem arises if such attack is manifested verbally or only with concluding acts which irritate, provoke or underestimate the attacker. Social component of the institute of necessary defence should be considered in such situations.

Namely, necessary defence stands for protecting the rights from illegality, and because of that abuse of this institute is not excusable. If the attacked person had deliberately provoked the attack, so as to use it and violate the attacker or his property, than the attacked person has no right on necessary defence. Such cases are known as feign necessary defence Ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért means that it is necessary that the attack has already started or it is imminent.

Whether an attack exists or not, is a factual question which is being solved by court in each specific case.


Typical example of real attack is endangering life or making physical injuries to a person. If there is no real attack, but the attacked person had a wrong or incomplete impression or illusion of its existence, there is no basis for necessary defence. In such case there is putative, imaginable or ostensible necessary defence. This defence does not exclude the existence of a criminal act, but it could be a ground for exclusion of the guilt Therefore, putative necessary defence represents, in fact, the lack of conscience of the attacked person about some real circumstance of the attack.

That is, in fact, wrong impression and conviction that the attack aimed at violation of some property is real. This mistake could be related to the conscience about the illegality of the attack when there is legal mistake.

ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért aveugles suisse anti aging

When judging the existence of necessary defence or its violation, an act has to be seen on the whole, which means that it cannot be reduced and limited to only what had happened between the defendant and late that is, the one who has suffered loss immediately before the gun shot Conditions for the existence of defence Defence or protection from the attack is every action of the attacked person aimed at eliminating, preventing or protecting from the attack.

By protection from the attack, the attacked person himself violates or endangers some legal property of the attacker.

ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért legjobb értékelésű anti aging bőrkrémek

This violation or endangerment represents, in essence, formal characteristics of some criminal act from the federal or republic law most often it is about a criminal act against life or physical integrity. Only in case when the attacked person, during the protection from attack, ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért some property of the attacker, the existence of the institute of necessary defence is possible Necessary defence is not only the defence from the attack which endangers security of life of the attacked person, but every defence from present and illegal attack, if such defence was necessary for protection from the attack For the definition of needed legjobb öregedésgátló bőrápoló termékek zsíros bőrre, in the sense of penal law, it is absolutely necessary that the illegal attack is protected from by a punishable act towards the attacker.

If such protection would not be considered as a punishable act, then it would be a situation beyond the area of penal law These conditions are: defence consists of protection from the attack; defence has to be aimed against the property of the attacker; defence has to be simultaneous with the attack, and defence has to be necessary for the protection from attack.

Defence, in fact, depends on the existence of ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért. The kind of defence has to be according to the attack. Attacked person is not obliged to retreat before the attacker.

But, there are situations in life, when it is about the violation or endangering legal property and the attacker, as well as some other person. Then, in relation to the property of the attacker, the ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért person acts in necessary defence, and in relation to the violation of property of some other person, he acts in extreme necessity if all the conditions provided by law are fulfilled.

That means that the attacked person, in order to protect his property, cannot put to extreme risk legal properties of other people.


But, if the attacker had used properties of other person while committing an illegal attack as means of that attack, then, in case of violation those properties, there ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért necessary defence Attack is imminent when, from all the circumstances, it could be concluded that it was about to start, and when there was such danger that violation of legal property would occur in the next moment.

The beginning of an act which could have direct consequences death, physical injury, taking away, destroying or damaging property is not crucial for beginning of the attack. Undertaken action which objectively represents imminent source of danger is essential. Whether an attack is imminent or not is a factual question ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért is being solved by court in each particular case. Only threat of imminent attack, without undertaking previous actions from which it can be concluded that the attack was imminent, could not be the reason for undertaking the act of defence.

Defence of future attack is not excusable either, but still undertaking of some measures of precaution and some protective measures which start to work automatically in the moment when the attack starts like various alarm systems connected with electrical circuit is allowed.

When the attack has started, defence could begin in the same moment. But, it often happens that the attacked person is not in position to react at the same time when the attack starts. In that case defence could be undertaken at any time during the attack.

ukinbound éves egyezmény az anti agingért caudalie anti-aging booster készülék

Continuity of defence has to coincide with the continuity of attack. When the attack has stopped, the right of the attacked on necessary defence stops, too. An attack was ended if legal property of the attacked person has been violated and when danger has been caused as a kind of consequence in cases of criminal acts of endangeringand when the attacker has committed the action of attack, but due to accidental circumstances there was no violation of property of the attacked person. The right for necessary defence stops if the attack has finally and definitely ceased, but not in case when the attack was only temporarily ceased.

Whether an attack has ceased or only temporarily ceased is a factual question which is being solved by court in each particular case.