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READ J. Kaptay: On the atomic masses weights?

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B, ,vol. Kaptay: On the optimum contact angle of stability of foams by particles — Advancesin Colloid and Interface Science,vol. Kaptay: The conversion of phase diagrams of solid solution type intoelectrochemical synthesis diagrams for binary metallic veytay suisse anti aging on inert cathodes -Electrochimica Acta,vol.

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Tang, Y. Du, L. Zhang, X. Yuan, G. Kaptay: Thermodynamic description of the Al—Mg—Si system using a new formulation for the excess Gibbs energy — Thermochimica Acta, vol. Kaptay: On the tendency of solutions to tend toward ideal solutions at hightemperatures — Metall Mater Trans A,vol.

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Kaptay: Interfacial phenomena in producing metallic materials. Part 5: Theinterfacial spreading force in Hungarian.

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There is a proposalto replace electric current with electric charge and to eliminate both the amount of substance andluminous intensity. Madarasz, I. Budai, G. Baumli P. Budai, O. Nagy, G. Verezub, Z. Kálazi, A. Sytcheva, L. Kuzsella, G. Buza, N. Verezub, A. Kaptay: Performance of a cutting tool made of steel matrix surface nano-compositeproduced by in-situ laser melt injection technology — J Mater Process Technol.

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Ebben azesetben a mátrix anyagául szolgáló fém felületét lézerrel megolvasztják, és az így kialakult fémtócsábamegfelelő sebességgel lövik az erősítő fázisnak szánt szemcséket [J]. Rejil, I. Dinaharan, S.

Vijay, N. Mater Sci Eng A,vol.

F Theoretical investigation of point defects, their agglomerates and their effects on optical properties in irradiated silicon carbide by means of quantum mechanical calculations, ; evaluated as excellent MTA-DFG bilateral project No. K Investigation of point defects in wide band gap materials by methods beyond the standard density functional theory, ; evaluated as excellent MTA-DFG bilateral project No. K Design, fabrication and analysis of luminescent silicon carbide nanocrystals for in vivo biomarker applications, ; evaluated as excellent OTKA No. K Development of novel silicon carbide nanomarkers and more effective glutamate and GABA uncaging materials for measurement of neuronal network activity and dendritic integration with three-dimensional real-time two-photon microscopy EU FP7 No.

Kaptay Gy. A határfelületigradiens erő — BKL Kohászat, Reger, B. Vero, I. Kardos, E. Fabian, G. Kaptay: Diffusion of carbon in thecenterline region of continuous cast slabs — Mater Sci Forum,vol.

A görbületindukálta határfelületi erő — BKL Kohászat, Baumli, J. Sytchev, G. Kaptay: Perfect wettability of carbon by liquid aluminumachieved by a multifunctional flux.

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J Mater Sci,vol.