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In case of differences the Hungarian text shall be applicaple. Jelen biztosítási feltételek magyar és angol nyelven készültek. Eltérés esetén a magyar nyelvû szöveg irányadó. Matters not covered in these General terms and conditions and Specific terms and conditions are governed by the provisions of Act V of on the Civil Code and the laws of Hungary in force from time to time.

This contract is considered as a consumer contract. The Insurer provides its service as indemnity coverage service by paying the damage of the Insured Person in the manner and amount defined in the contract or providing any other service to the Insured Person or as a fixed-sum coverage service by paying the amount determined in the contract.

Driving a passenger vehicle is not considered as manual work. Driving trucks or buses is not considered as professional manual work, either, except in the case of the Európa Kártya product. Hill-climbing also includes "Klettersteig" "via Ferrata" type and other hiking on routes made passable by means of artificial aids as 1 2 well as hiking above 3, meters above sea level. If the above conditions apply to any section of a particular route e.

The following are not considered as a hospital for the purposes of this insurance even if they are engaged in hospital inpatient care: wards providing this type of service described above of nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, spas, health resorts, alcohol and drug rehab institutions or hospital provided via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging the Insured Person received service corresponding to the type of the ward.

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Hospital inpatient treatment begins on the first day of hospitalization and ends on the last day thereof. Where the contract is made electronically, the policy is carrying an advanced electronic signature. The following are not considered as a traffic accident: a accident suffered by a pedestrian which was caused by other than any moving vehicle, b accident suffered as a passenger in a vehicle which was caused by other than the progress or stopping of his vehicle or another vehicle.

Payment by the Insurer may apply to one of the following modes of transportation: scheduled train 2nd class or bus ticket or flight on economy class, or the transfer costs thereof, or the fuel cost of the passenger car based on invoice and max.

In case of return travel to the country of permanent residence, the Insurer undertakes top 10 creme anti age femme pay the extra transportation costs only if returning home by the Insured Person could have been arranged by passenger car or any means of public transport within the term of the insurance contract but it was impossible solely because of the occurrence of the Insured Incident.

The insurance contract made by using the online contracting system is a written contract, of which the Insurer issues an insurance policy, and makes it and the insurance terms and conditions concerning the contract available to the Policyholder. For the purposes of the insurance Terms and Conditions, a relative of or any person living in the same household with the Insured Person or any person in connection with whose state of health the Insured Incident occurred is not considered a medical practitioner via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging if he meets the above criteria.

For the purposes of this contract, successive damages mean, where more than one liability for damages arises from svájci anti aging heti alkalmazottak conduct of the Insured Person which causes the damages provided there is a causal relationship between the reason conduct of the Insured Person and the effects.

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If the Policyholder and the Insured Person are different persons, the Policyholder must inform the Insured Person of the contract, the declarations addressed to it and any changes concerning the contract until the occurrence of the Insured Incident. COVERAGE 1 The coverage provided by the Insurer starts at the time specified in the insurance contract as the beginning of the insurance provided that the total amount of the insurance premium has been previously paid to the cash-desk or credited to the account of the Insurer or its agent or representative in a provable manner, and ends on until the expiration date indicated in the via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging but not more than days.

The Insured Person must act in cooperation with the Insurer throughout the medical treatment, taking into account the medical indications. In critical cases, assistance must be requested from the local emergency coordinating centre by calling the medical emergency number commonly used in the place of occurrence.

At the request of the Insurer, the Insured Person must submit as evidence, e. Calculation of the Insurance Premium The insurance premium is the consideration of the cover provided by the Insurer. The amount of the insurance premium is included in the insurance contract.

The insurance premium is calculated by taking into account the schedule of tariffs of the Insurer in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the age of the Insured Person, the insurance period and the services and geographical scope of the insurance Payment of the Insurance Premium 1 The insurance contract is made with one-time premium payment. The premium must be paid at the conclusion of the contract.

via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging

For insured up to 70 years of age paying the Sport Plusz surcharge, the insurance company provides cover for sports exercised in a competitive manner however only for those sports which are not listed among extreme sports, excluding winter sports Refund of Premium The Policyholder may claim a premium refund in the following cases: 1 The Insurer undertakes to refund the total amount of the insurance premium if all of the following conditions are via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging the Policyholder submits its written claim for premium refund to the organisational unit of the Insurer or its agent where the insurance contract was concluded no later than on the day before the start of cover, the Policyholder simultaneously delivers to the given organisational unit all original and duplicate copies of the insurance policy in full or, in case of online contracting, it can be concluded beyond doubt that the insurance contract was concluded.

An insurance contract concluded with respect to more than one Insured Persons may not be partially terminated with respect to certain Insured Person s the premium cannot be dividedand the Insurer undertakes premium refund only for all Insured Persons jointly on condition that the above conditions are met for all affected persons.

In this case, the coverage of 10 legjobb öregedésgátló termék 2022 dzsip Insurer terminates with respect of al Insured Person s named in the contract. The amount of the insurance service extends up to the maximum service ceilings defined in the Summary of cover see paragraph 6 and II Specific terms and conditions.

If more than one insurance contract is concluded with the Insurer for the duration of one trip, the above limitation applies jointly to all contracts and the entire duration of the trip, regardless of the number of insurance contracts and Insured Incidents, provided that this limitation of a condition of the contracts involved as well. EUR C Legal assistance and insurance indemnity coverage a payment of bail and the costs incurred b attorney fees Remark: Premium of the legal assistance cover as a percentage of the total premium: Welcome to Hungary Top: 0.

In case of any dispute the declarations made in the Hungarian language prevail. The Insurer undertakes to pay the insurance sum in HUF via postal transfer exclusively to a Hungarian address. Due Date of the Insurer's Service 1 The Insurer provides the service claim reported to it within 15 business days of the receipt of all documents required for the evaluation thereof unless the special terms and conditions provide otherwise.

Where the complaint is processed by telephone, the Insurer will record the telephone communications between the Insurer and the client and keep the audio recording for one year. The client may listen to the audio recording within one year upon request and, if requested, the Insurer makes the certified minutes prepared based on the audio recording available to the client free of charge. If the client does not agree with the handling of his complaint, the Insurer takes minutes of the complaint and its position related to it, and gives one copy thereof to the client if the complaint was communicated personally.

If an oral complaint is reported by telephone, the Insurer sends the minutes of the complaint together with the detailed and justified position answers of the Insurer concerning the complaint to the client. In other respects, it acts in accordance with the provisions on written complaints.

If a complaint cannot be investigated immediately, the Insurer takes minutes of the complaint and acts in accordance with the above.

Its main square was then the forum.

In order to emphasize this, we summarized these provisions in this section. This section does not include the provisions of the general terms and conditions departing from the previous general via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging and conditions which were amended in order to ensure compliance with Act V of on the Civil Code which entered into force on 15 March 1 Rules on the partial termination of contract: according to section 9. Reimbursement of medical expenses 1 If the Insured Incident occurs, the Insurer undertakes to reimburse the following costs of emergency medical assistance and the rescue occured öregedésgátló glicerin the geographical scope of the insurance: a medical examination and medical treatment, b purchase of medicine for prescription made out in the name of the holder, c transportation of patient to a doctor or hospital by ambulance including the costs of reasonable mountain, marine and helicopter rescued hospital care inpatient carein respect of which the Insurer undertakes to provide the service for a period not exceeding 30 days in total for Insured Incidents which occur during the insurance period, irrespective of the number of Insured Incidents.

If the conditions a and b are not met simultaneously, the Insurer undertakes to reimburse the costs incurred up to a ceiling of EUR except if the Insured Person was taken to the healthcare institution in order to avert an immediate threat to life by the centrally dispatched ambulance service, based on calling the healthcare emergency number generally used at the location, to the healthcare institution selected according to standard local procedures.


In the latter case, the Insurer does not undertake to reimburse the services used by the Insured Person after the ceasing the life-threatening condition without prior approval from EUB- Assistance.

The Insurer does not undertake to reimburse the costs of services which are not medically justified in case of emergency treatment, but are provided only at the patient's request, e.

The Insurer is not obliged to provide the service before the last day for the duration of the cover. If the Insured Person has any special claim towards the institution providing the continued medical treatment for example, because he does not want to be taken to the hospital selected on the basis of existing legislation and customary medical practicethen he must give notice thereof EUB-Assistance at least one day prior to the start of transportation and submit to EUB-Assistance the statement issued via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging the given institution on hosting the Insured Person.

via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging

The Insurer does not undertake to organise healthcare treatment for dental treatment or reimburse the costs directly to the service provider. Documents required to provide the "A Medical assistance and insurance" service in addition to the documents listed in section AIDS and related diseases, g costs concerning contact lenses and glasses, h antenatal care, routine pregnancy testing, i infant care, child care, j definitive dental care, jaw-orthopaedic care excluding accidentsorthodontics, periodontal treatment, plaque removal, denture, artificial crown excluding temporary repair of broken crownmaking and repair of prosthesis and bridges excluding temporary repair of broken bridgek costs incurred after returning home to the territory of the country of permanent residence, i reimbursement of the costs of services which are not medically justified in case of emergency treatment, but are provided only at the patient's request, e.

via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging

Costs of accommodation for one person designated by the Insured Person staying together with the Insured Person on the spot if his originally booked accommodation is more than 20 km away from the place of hospital treatment, or the Insured Person under 18 years of age. For Insured Persons under 16 years of age who travel without parental accompaniment: the condition of the Insured Person is life-threatening if he is required to stay in hospital for more than 2 days.

A szúnyoghálókat 4 nagy csoportra osztjuk: fix, mobil, zsanéros pliszé csoport oszt, oszt fix ajtocsukoszerviz. Kapacitásunkat folyamatosan bővítjük annak érdekében, hogy a sürgős munkákat rövid időn belül el tudjuk végezni. Ideális esetben azonnal a helyszínre tudunk sietni, megfelelően felszerelt szervizautóval és szakemberrel. Ezen munkák elsősorban SOS ajtónyitást jelentenek, de helyszíni felszereltségünknek köszöbhetően fel vagyunk készülve… szervizközpont oszt, oszt emiatt ajtonyitas. Ezen munkák elsősorban SOS ajtónyitást jelentenek, de helyszíni felszereltségünknek köszöbhetően fel vagyunk készülve… szervizközpont oszt, oszt emiatt ajtozar-csere.

Insured Incident as per section A 1 affecting the Insured Person, in relation to which the Insured Person received emergency hospital care within the scope of cover of the insurance contract and, as a result, his immediate relative under 16 years of age who is travelling with him remains unattended.

Transportation costs of the child ren less than 16 years of age and the person escorting them home to the country of residence of the Insured Person.

Documents required to provide the service in case of the B Extended travel assistance services in addition to the documents listed in section The Exclusions concerning the "B Extended travel assistance" chapter are included in section A 4.

Using the service is subject to that the travel is organised by the Insurer or that the Insurer approves the method, time and costs of the travel in writing in advance, the justified cost of the translation of documents necessary to conduct the procedure provided that the translation is organised by the insurer or the Insurer approved the translation and the costs thereof in writing in advance. The Insurer will not reimburse legal fees if the legal representative is mandated without the approval of the Insurer.

via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging

Conditions of the provision of the "C Legal assistance and legal expenses insurance" and documents to be submitted in addition to the documents listed in section The notification must be accompanied by the documents made in the criminal or petty offence proceedings against the Insured Person until the notification. European Court of Human Rightse fines or penalties awarded imposed against the Insured Person or costs and expenses imposed on the Insured Person, f the liability of the Insured Person undertaken by contract or unilateral declaration which exceeds the liability set forth by law, or claims brought on grounds of damages caused by breach of contract, g procedure opened against the Insured Person owing to the committal of misdemeanour or negligent crime committed as the user of a vehicle, and the vehicle did not have valid third party liability insurance at the time of the committal, Európai Utazási Biztosító Zrt.

Please read carefully the information below, which presents the key data of our company and informs you about our organisational units processing consumer notification and complaints, the name and registered office of our supervisory body, the possibility to submit client complaints, depending on their nature, to the Hungarian National Bank and the Financial Mediation Board, judicial recourse as well as the most important rules on data protection and data management.

Also listed are the organisations to which we are entitled to disclose the clients' data considered as insurance secret on the basis of Act LX of on insurance companies and insurance activities. We also cover the most essential information necessary before the signing of the insurance offer, including theoretical and practical information via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging the management of personal data, on the basis of which you can make your declaration expressing your intention to contract in a deliberate manner.

We also indicate the taxation rules concerning insurance contracts and give you detailed information on specific regulations according to Insurance Policies concluded within the framework of Distance Marketing. In addition to the above, this Client information and general provisions relating to the insurance contract hereinafter, the "Client information" also contains the general provisions of the insurance contract concluded. Any matters not covered in this Client information and the Insurance terms and conditions are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and other applicable Hungarian law in force.

Information concerning the Insurer Európai Utazási Biztosító Zártkörûen Mûködô Részvénytársaság started operations in the Hungarian insurance market on 1 January Registered office: Budapest, Váci út Telephone:Fax: Company registration number: Court of Registration of the Tribunal of Budapest Registered capital of the company:HUF Primary activity: non-life insurance Form of the company: company limited by shares Method of operation: private The shareholders of the company are: Generali Biztosító Zrt.

Customer Service Kindly address any questions or problems concerning your insurance contract to our customer care service office, who are always at your disposal. Complaint management If you have any objections to the conduct, activities or omission of our insurance company you may submit your complaint orally or in writing at the contact points above as follows: You can announce your oral complaint in person at our customer care office for personal administration from 8.

Oral complaints can be communicated also during the above periods, except for Thursdays, when you can notify oral complaints from 8. Öregedésgátló bőrkezelések can find detailed information regarding our complaints management procedure, the method of complaints management and the administration of the complaints management records on our website and the complaints management sculpt anti aging készlet placed in our customer care offices.

Please note that the "Customer complaint" for boncourt svájci anti aging available on the supervision's 's website, which you can also use to submit your complaint to the Insurer. Contact data of the Supervision Registered office: Budapest, Szabadság tér Central telephone: Central fax: Website: Address of the customer care office: Budapest, Krisztina krt. Telephone number of customer care office: Electronic mail address of the customer care office: mnb.

Our company is an organisation entitled to carry out an activity supervised by the HNB. A via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging considered consumer under the Civil Code is entitled to initiate proceedings before the Supervision if he has lodged a complaint to the Insurer orally or in writing, but he has not received a response or the complaint was not examined lawfully or, based on the response of the Insurer, he alleges another infringement of consumer rights under the legislation referred to above.

The Supervision is not competent to proceed in legal disputes concerning the conclusion, validity, legal effects or termination of insurance contracts or disputes relating to breach and its legal effects. The consumer may submit a written application to the Financial Arbitration Board in order to settle consumer disputes of financial nature related to the conclusion or performance of the insurance contract out of court proceedings.

The Financial Arbitration Board endeavours to reach a settlement, failing which it takes a decision in the case to ensure the simple, fast, efficient and cost via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging enforcement of the consumer rights. The proceedings of the Board may be initiated only if the consumer has attempted to settle the dispute directly with the Insurer.

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Additional essential information concerning the functioning of the Financial Arbitration Board including the Rules of Procedure of the Board is available on the website. Of the proceedings aimed to avoid litigation, conflict management and dispute resolution, a mediation procedure may also be initiated under Act LV of on mediation in addition to the procedure of the Financial Arbitration Board Claims arising from the insurance contract may also be enforced before the court by omitting the alternative dispute resolution methods indicated above.

Theoretical and practical information concerning insurance secret and the management of personal data Insurance secret and personal data Insurance secret comprises all of the data, other than data including classified information, in the possession of the insurer, reinsurance companies, insurance intermediaries and insurance consultants which pertain to the particulars, financial situation or business affairs of their clients including claimantsand the contracts of clients with the Insurer and reinsurance companies.

Insurance secret comprises the following data: personal data of the clients of the insurer; insured property and its value; sum insured; in respect of life, accident, health and third party liability insurances, data relevant to health status; amount of the sum insured and time of its payment; all significant facts and circumstances relevant to the insurance contract, its conclusion and registration, and the service.

Personal data means all information relating to the data subject, in particular by reference to his name, an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity, and any reference drawn from such information pertaining to the data subject; VI.

Purpose of Data Management VI. Data management related to the registration of insurance contracts and the performance of insurance services Please note that the Insurer, acting as a data manager, is entitled to manage such insurance secret of its clients which are related to the insurance contract, its conclusion, registration and the services. The purpose of data processing can only be such which relates to the conclusion of the insurance contract, its modification or keeping in the portfolio as well as evaluating claims arising from the insurance contract, or any other purpose specified in the Insurance Act.

The policyholder, the Via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging Person, the beneficiary, the claimant and any other persons entitled to the service of the insurer are considered as clients of the insurer.

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Via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging the purposes of the via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging of data protection, any person who makes an offer for contract is also considered as a client. The data management of the Insurer is based via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging the voluntary consent deemed to be granted through the conclusion of the insurance contract. The request must include the data required to identify the person, property or property right defined therein, the type of the requested data, as well as an indication of the request for data.

Such request and the fulfilment thereof are not considered to be a violation of the insurance secret. We are entitled via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging manage the data received as a result of the request for a period of ninety days of its receipt. If, as a result of the request, the data we come to know is necessary to enforce our legitimate interest, the duration of data management is extended until the final closing of the procedure initiated in relation to the enforcement of the claim.

If, as a result of the request, the data we come to know is necessary to enforce our legitimate interest, but the procedure related to the enforcement of the claim is not initiated within one year of coming to know the data, the data may be managed for one year of becoming aware thereof.

We notify the client of the request made for such purpose, the data contained therein and the fulfilment of the request at least once during the insurance period and inform the client, upon request, in the manner laid down in the Act on the right of informational self-determination and the freedom of information. We do not link the data received as a result of the request with any other data we have come to know or manage which do not relate to the interest to be insured or insured for any purpose other than the above.

The requested insurer is responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the data specified in the request. The Insurer's data management is based on the above provision of the Insurance Act.

The time of the handling of the data Pursuant to Section of the Insurance Act, the Insurer via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging entitled to manage personal data, including data directly related to the health status during the existence of the insurance relationship and, unless otherwise provided by the law, as long as any claim can be enforced in connection with the insurance relationship.

The insurer is entitled to process personal data relating to any frustrated insurance contract as long as any claim can be asserted in connection with the frustration of the contract. The insurer must delete all personal data relating to its current or former clients or to any frustrated contract in connection with which the data in question is no longer required or the consent of the data subject to processing is not available, or if it is lacking the legal grounds for via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging such data.

The Insurer may manage data related to the client's health status only with the written consent of the data subject according to the provisions of Act XLVII of on the management of data concerning health and related personal data. The Insurer may manage data for any purpose other than the above only with the prior consent of legjobb arckrém anti age client.

The Insurer informs the data subjects of such data management when recording the data for the given purpose. Persons entitled to learn the data Please be advised that only the employees and contracted insurance intermediates of us holding proper access rights as well as persons or organisations engaged in data processing or outsource activities for us on the basis of separate contracts may come to know your data to the extent defined by us and scope necessary for carrying out their activities.

Please note also that Europ Assistance Kft. In this context, our company may transmit to Europ Assistance data and information related to claims under the authorisation of law. Europ Assistance Kft. Provisions for keeping the insurance secret Unless otherwise provided by law, the owners, managers and employees of the Insurer and all other via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging having access to insurance secrets in any way or form 10 11 during their activities related to the Insurer are required via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging maintain professional confidentiality with no time limit whatsoever.

Insurance secrets may only klinique beauty anti aging központ disclosed to third parties based on the written consent of the client of the insurer to whom they pertain or his legal representative, precisely specifying the insurance secrets which may be disclosed, if the confidentiality obligation does not apply on the basis of the Insurance Act.

An indication of the statutory provision granting authorization for requesting data shall be treated as verification of the purpose and legal grounds. The via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging requirement applies to the employees of the agencies specified above beyond the framework of their official capacity. Upon an investigative authority's "urgent matter" request the Insurer must disclose data considered insurance secret from its files which are incidental to the matter in question even without the public prosecutor's approval defined in a separate legal regulation.

The obligation to keep insurance secrets does not apply where the Insurer complies with the obligation of notification prescribed in the Act on the implementation of restrictive measures imposed by the European Union relating to liquid assets and other financial interests. Furthermore, the obligation to keep the insurance secret does not apply, either, a when a Hungarian law enforcement agency makes via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging written request for information which is considered insurance secret from the Insurer in order to fulfil the written requests made by a foreign law enforcement agency on the basis of international commitment, b when the authority operating as a financial intelligence unit, acting within its powers conferred under the Act on the prevention and combating of money laundering or in order to fulfil the written requests made by a foreign financial intelligence unit, makes a written request to the Insurer for information which is considered insurance secret.

It does not constitute a violation of insurance secrets when the Insurer supplies data to a third-country insurance company or a third-country data processing agency third-country data manager if a the client of the Insurer data subject has given his prior written consent, b in lack of the data subject's consent, the data supply has the scope, purpose and legal grounds defined by law and the and the adequate level of the protection of the personal data in such third country is ensured in any manner set forth in Section 8 2 of Act CXII of on the right of informational self-determination and the freedom of information.

The provisions governing the transmission of data within the domestic territory apply when transmitting data which is treated as an insurance secret to another Member State.

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The Insurer may not refuse to disclose the data specified above in reference to the protection of insurance secrets. The Insurer is not entitled to notify the data subject of the data transmission under points VI. The Insurer may transmit the personal data of the clients in the cases and to the organisations defined in points VI.

Rights concerning data management and their enforcement Via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging the request of the natural person concerned, the Insurer provides information to the data subject in writing as soon as possible of the receipt of the application and not more than 30 days, on the personal data of the data subject managed by us or any other data processor assigned by us, their sources, purpose, legal grounds via ferrata extreme suisse anti aging the duration of the data management, the name and address of the data processor and its activities related to the data management and, where the personal data of the data subject are transmitted, the legal grounds and addressee of the data transmission.

The requested information will be provided free of charge if the affected natural person has not submitted any request for the same scope of data during the year in question. The affected natural person may request correction of his personal data and, except for data management pinterest anti aging for a purpose based on public interest on the basis of an Act or decree of the local government issued on the basis of the authorisation of an Act and in the scope defined therein, the blocking and deleting of his data.